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Onet Mahjong


Onet Connect is a wonderfully sweet free Mahjong game for your Android smartphone or iOS device, that exchanges asian-style tiles with super cute animals. However the goal remains the same. Remove two identical tiles with every move.

Free Mahjong with Fluffy Animals and Tasty Sweets

Why does it always have to be that classic style with white tiles showing Asian symbols or numbers? Yes, the Chinese invented it. And they created a brilliantly approachable game. But since then it has spread across the globe and is basically played by everyone. In fact, most people play free Mahjong games on their Android smartphones or iPhones either online or download an app. And since on the web and in the app stores both candy and cute animals are still the big hitters, Onet Connect is exactly what everybody wants. But not only is it beautiful to look at, it is even more fun to play.

Mahjong and Onet. Same. But Different!

The basic rule for any free Mahjong game also applies for Onet Connect. You have to remove all tiles from the board by matching two identical pieces together with every move. But unlike the classic version the tiles have to be connected by a line that can only change direction twice or less on the way. Of course there can't be another tile in the way. So at least one side must be free on each tile.

1. The easiest way is of course to connect two directly adjacent tiles. Those should be the first ones to look for.

2. It is also possible to match tiles that can be connected by a line that changes direction once. For example, if the second tile is one column to the right and five rows up with no other tile in the way, the connection line can travel there with only one change of direction.

3. It may also be possible that your connection line needs to change direction twice, which is also the maximum. You can see an example of this in the first screenshot below.

4. It is important to know that your line can also travel outside of the board. If there are two matching tiles in the upper row, for example, you can connect them directly, as you can see in the second screenshot.

Mahjong Connect Screenshot Mahjong Connect Screenshot

If you get stuck there are two options to receive a little help in the game. Sometimes tiles are placed in an order where there is no further match possible. So you need to shuffle the tiles and receive new opportunities. This can be done via the shuffle button on the upper right of the screen. It's the two crossing arrows.

And if you just need a little hint as to what your next move should be, there is another icon - the magnifying glass. Tap there and it will reveal to you which tiles can be matched.

And by the way, if unbelievably cute animals or tasty candy are not really your cup of tea, you can also choose the third option with fruit and vegetables. A really vegan Mahjong game, so to say.

Enjoy this wonderful free Mahjong game or maybe try Mahjong Solitaire instead?


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