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Coffee Mahjong


Even though the title of the game suggests otherwise, it doesn't matter if you're sipping on a hot beverage or not while playing this enjoyable Mahjong connect game.

A Tasty Variation to Mahjong Connect

This wonderful classic generally comprises of the same ingredients. Lots of little rectangular stones with Chinese symbols on it. And while there isn't really a way to change the stones or the way we play it, there is at least the possibility to exchange the Chinese symbols with something else. Everything would be suitable, really. But since this game goes by the name of Coffee Mahjong, it makes absolute sense that it features some coffee-related items.

Have you ever played a tastier Mahjong game than this? Cupcakes, donuts, waffles, cookies - you might already get diabetes just from playing this sweet variation of tile matching goodness.

New Shell, classic Ingredients!

While these visual alterations don't change the way a Mahjong game is played, it sure is nice to see a little variation in what is otherwise a pretty oldschool-oriented market. We highly appreciate a different look to a classic formula.

But besides being wrapped in a visually attractive coat the core of this Mahjong Connect game doesn't fail to impress either. First of all you have a big bulk of levels to solve. And each of these levels features a really huge amount of tiles to be matched. These are probably the single most extensive levels in the history of tile matching.

Mahjong Connect Screenshot Mahjong Connect Screenshot

Highscore Hunt or Recreation Time?

Coffee Mahjong helps you to relax just as good as any other version of the game out there. However you can take things to a more serious level and start solving all levels as quickly as possible and without any help by the shuffle or hint buttons. Beating your own scores can be a very satisfying experience.

And if you're getting too emotional about it, you can always go back to playing this game for relaxation purposes. Or maybe just switch over to one of the other versions and decide for yourself which one of these suits your personal play style better.

If you ask us, we can recommend all games on this list. And that's why we can with good conscience ask you to try out this classic Mahjong. Or should you feel a little more adventurous and curious to try a more modern formula to this evergreen, here is a super cute Free Mahjong title for you. It doesn't matter if you are an Android or iPhone user. Or if you prefer a tablet instead of a smartphone. And maybe you don't want to play Mahjong Connect on a mobile device at all. Then just try it out on your PC or Mac. It works everywhere!


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