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A very famous board game and maybe even more famous on smartphones and PCs you can play Mahjong online right here and dive into the wonderful world of Asian game design from centuries ago.

Mahjong is the original Time Killer

Although this game was created in China it is a worldwide phenomenon thanks to its accessible nature and relaxing flow. Fortunately and contrary to the Chinese in the 19th century we have internet now and can play countless of different online Mahjong games on practically any device we want. In this case on smartphones, tablets or PCs, including laptops and Macs.

Mahjong is meant to be calming and relaxing. However it offers a nice challenge to everyone who wants it. And right here you are presented three difficulties to match your level of experience. In each of these modes you have to beat 50 levels. We highly recommend that you start on Easy, especially if you're not already an experienced player.

Play Online Mahjong anytime and anywhere

Another wonderful thing about Online Mahjong on an Android phone or Apple iPhone is that you are not restricted in any way. You can play at home, sitting in a bus or even a plane, while you're waiting for friends outside or whenever you feel like it. Imagine you'd have to carry and set up real game stones every time you would like to play a quick round! Not very comfortable, is it?

Online Mahjong Screenshot portrait Online Mahjong Screenshot portrait

Furthermore it doesn't matter if you're just up for a few minutes of playing or intend to beat the whole game in one sitting. Just play when, where and how long you want. Is your smartphone waterproof? Then why not even play in the shower? We haven't tried it yet, but somehow the thought of it is very intriguing. We may try it ourselves and update you on the experience in the future!

Why is Online Mahjong a Success?

First of all its huge success and the reason why it conquered the hearts of players around the world is based on the incredibly good idea behind the game Mahjong in general. It is a quiet game to play on your own, it challenges your mind and patience and will give you a feeling of accomplishment every time you match two pieces together. You experience constant progress and feel motivated during your whole play session. Not many games can do that.

Now Online Mahjong does not do anything groundbreakingly new, it simply brings a wonderful game to your smartphone and enables you to play wherever you want. It just gives this fantastic game the coverage it deserves.

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